The Social Dialogue of Teotihuacan

Discussing the past and current relevance of Teotihuacan, we must further explore the memory of Teotihuacan and the modern perception of the society that occupied this city and region. It is recognized that the inhabitants of Teotihuacan possessed a great knowledge of mathematics and science, leading to their ability to create such advanced architectural sites. Yet these accomplishments are often overshadowed by the historical narrative of European conquest and colonization. Due to this Eurocentric narrative, the civilizations and societies of mesoamerica are often degraded and considered inferior to those of European origin.Yet is this fair? The answer in short is no. Perhaps the greatest reason to preserve the city of Teotihuacan is to illustrate the technological ability that indigenous civilizations possessed, abilities which allowed some of the most advanced cities to be constructed. Cities constructed in mesoamerica rather than Europe.


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