Who Built Teotihuacan?

Skull 2

To this day the origins of Teotihuacan remain a mystery. Modern archeologists and historians alike are not certain who founded the city. It is agreed that around the year 300 BC, groups of indigenous peoples began forming urban centers in the southeastern area of Mesoamerica. The largest among these urban city centers was Teotihuacan. Although a theory not universally acknowledged, some historians believe Teotihuacan to be built by the Toltec civilization. Early colonial texts, most notably the Florentine Codex, point to Teotihuacan being constructed by the Toltecs.

Despite this rather hopeful theory, archeological evidence indicates the apex of Toltec civilization to have flourished centuries after the establishment of Teotihuacan, an occurrence that disproves the “Toltec theory”.  Some archeologists believe the Totonac people to be the founders of Teotihuacan, yet once again  there is no concrete evidence. Yet there is one point that is accepted by all archaeologists, scholars, and historians, Who ever built Teotihuacan possessed incredible architectural abilities, abilities most likely strengthened by an unprecedented knowledge of mathematics and science.


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